Saturday, October 18, 2014

Martian Transport System

I have been asked how to transport the Martians.  They are large figures, and while not overly fragile, they can be damaged if mixed with heavier figures, and so they must be transported by themselves.  I once made a mistake of placing the resin Tripod Down piece in the box, and it took my green gas tripod off of the stand at the feet.

I usually go with tool boxes to transport figures.  Finding one with 6 inches of clearance was a problem, but finally found one for only $5.  I had to buy two for the Martians.  I also found a cheap piece of steel at Home Depot.  They actually sell 1 square foot bits.  I cut it in half and glued it down.

Next I bought stack of rare earth magnets.  Contrary to the name these are not rare and are fairly cheap.  Deciding on a size was a problem as it is possible to have the magnets be so strong that they will damage the tripods trying to separate them from the steel plate.   I decided on 1/8th inch diameters.  $11 bought 150.  Each magnet has a pull of 1/3rd of a pound.  If they do not have enough hold, I can always glue more to the base.

Each of these has 4 or 5 1/8 inch magnets and can hold the Martian Tripods vertically.  I still put padding in between them during transport, just in case.

Magnet pattern.  The intended configuration is 3 on the out side, one in the center.  The fifth was because I had an extra one out and didn't feel like putting it back in the vial.

The only problems with this is I have a couple of cases for the Martians, growing to 3 shortly, and 2 for the humans, and if there is terrain to be moved, that's 6 boxes.  I don't have convenient  reaper tentacles to carry that much in one trip.  The other problem is that the tool box is so light, that any one helping my may think they are empty cases and bounce them about carelessly.

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