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Tripod Down, Second Pass.

A Headless Body Production

All Quiet on the Martian Front After Action Report: Canadian Steam Squadron vs Martian Tripods
Location: Phil's Basement
Game: All Quiet on the Martian Front
Scenario: Variation of scenario #6, Rescue
Players: Stephen Turn:
Marvin's Martians
               Phil Gardocki:
Canadian Armoured Squadron

The Forces: "Monty’s Pythons", the 2nd Squadron, 12th "Three Rivers” Regiment, 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade.  Consisting of an Infantry Company, a troop of Mounties, 3 Mk III's, 12 Mk II's and 1 clamp tank.  About 1,120 points

Elements of Pod का क्रोध आपका, hive एक पल का क्रोध आपका भविष्य बिगाड सकता है, a total of 6 Tripods, 4 with heavy heat rays, 1 medium heat ray, and one with a black smoke projector.  About 1,150 points.

Scenario:  Tripod Down!  This is a scenario I plan on demoing in the near future.  This is the second run of this scenario, if you haven't read the first run, the link is http://philsmartianfront.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-edmonton-tripod-salvage-operation.htmlThe short of it is that a lone Martian Tripod had accidentally found an abandoned and flooded mineshaft and sank up to the helmet.  Water quickly shorted out the systems and his last known position was largely unknown to the Martians.  He is discovered by the humans first and the race is on for an opportunity to gather Martian tech or rescue a comrade.

For this scenario, the modified stealth rules described in the previous scenario have been rescinded.  

The Board:North of Edmonton, deep in the Taiga. 

Humans start with one unit of infantry and one unit of Canadian Mounted Police near to the immobilized tripod.  6 hidden movement or blip chips represent their deployment.  Martians roll randomly to arrive on the board edge.

Turn 1:
      The Martians move first, and have no visible targets to shoot at.  The humans move second, and chose not to be seen.

A serene wide shot of a landscape in which there are over 240 people, none of whom can be seen.
A tripod armed with a black dust projector arrives on the left.  A second tripod arrives from the right.

Turn 2:
The humans roll initiate and elect to go second.  Choosing again not to be seen.  An interesting choice as this basically denies the Martians an opportunity to shoot on turn 2.

"This is Mr. E.R. Bradshaw of Napier Court, Black Lion Road London SE5. He can not be seen. Now I am going to ask him to stand up. Mr. Bradshaw will you stand up please?"
(Phew-Phew Pew Pew Pew Pew!  Unearthly screams)  "This demonstrates the value of not being seen."
Leading the way to the woods, Lieutenant Idle cries, "Run away!"
Troops 'A' and Troops 'B' arrive.  They target the recon tripod with 9 shots scoring 3 hits, and:

The Recon Tripod explodes!  Putting 3 hits each on two other tripods and ...
The Black Dust Tripod explodes.
Placing 6 hits on Marvin, but he survives unscathed!
On the right flank, the Troop 'B' fans out and shoots, but to no avail.
Turn 3:
Marvin sweeps with his Uranium PU-36 Illudium radioactive space modulator.
Destroying a Mk III.

Then retreats behind the trees.  The infantry are trying very hard, not to be seen.
On the right flank, 3 heat rays reach out destroying the lead tank of troop 'C'.  The humans return fire with  5 shots, but to no avail.
Turn 4:
Time is running out as the Martians only have two more turns to recover their comrade, while the earthlings now have their clamp tank/tow truck on board heading for the wreck.

The RCMP shoot out from their hiding and race up the right flank.

I may have discovered a geometric defense against heat ray sweeps.  Place your tanks one directly behind the other.  If the tripod is directly in front of you, it cannot sweep multiple tanks.
Marvin steps from off panel and again sweeps with his Uranium PU-36 Illudium radioactive space modulator muttering " पका भविष्य बिगाड सकता हैअब्च्देफ़्घि ", and causing no damage, then retreats behind the smoking tripods and the trees.
3 tripods trade shoots with Troop 'B', again to no avail.
Humans lined up one behind the other to avoid the sweep attack.
Denied a target by Marvin's dodging, the Mk III's take a side shot at another tripod, and whiff.
Turn 5:
The RCMP successfully tangle a tripod with two tow cables.  Which takes a hit and goes down!

The clamp tank begins to pull at the wreck.
Turn 6:
The center is too crowded, so Troop 'D' was sent on a wide swing to see if it can take out Marvin, who has yet to suffer any damage since his painting.

Emboldened by their success, the RCMP motor on to the next tripod.
As a final act of desperation, Marvin turns his Uranium PU-36 Illudium radioactive space modulator upon the captured tripod.  And again whiffs the roll.
The game ends, called on night.  The downed tripod is firmly in human hands.  But even without the scenario victory conditions, with half the tripods down, its a decisive human win.

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