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Dog Days of January

A Headless Body Production
All Quiet on the Martian Front After Action Report: Canadian Steam Squadron vs Martian Tripods
Location: Phil's Basement
Game: All Quiet on the Martian Front
Scenario: Variation of FOW Scenario Encounter.
Players: Stephen Turn: Steve
's Martians
                  Phil Gardocki:
Canadian Armoured Squadron + American Allies

The Forces: "Monty’s Pythons", the 2nd Squadron, 12th "Three Rivers” Regiment, 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade.  Consisting of an Infantry Company, a MG Company, a troop of Mounties, 6 Mk III's, 12 Mk II's and 1 clamp tank.  About 1,600 points in 9 or 10 units, depending on the clarification of the clamp tank.

Elements of Pod का क्रोध आपका, hive एक पल का क्रोध आपका भविष्य बिगाड सकता है, with 2 Assault, 3 Recon, 2 Grenadier, and a Slaver Tripods, with support from Lobototons, Scorpions, and Bombardment Drones in 10 units.

Scenario:  We didn't opt for one of the usual Martian Front Scenarios, and opted for alternating units on the board.  

The Board:The Village of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada.

The humans took advantage of the hidden movement chips, and put them down first to force the Martians to reveal their positions. 
Captain Palen surveyed the fields in front of him.  The village of Spruce Grove lay before him. It was a harsh winter, and the red weed hadn't taken root yet since the Martian offensive last fall.  At last, we are on the offensive.  Kicked out in 1912 but with the Yanks delivering hundreds of their steam tanks, this time we are back and here to stay.  Unfortunately we are the bleeding edge of the sword this time.  Our objective is not so much the ground to take, but how much noise we can make, and draw attention away from the massive American buildup southwest of here.

The Martian assault tripods are on the left with the grenadiers.  On the right are the slaver, drones and the lobototons. The Canadians have hidden infantry on the hill to the right, and Machine Guns in the woods on the left.

Mk II's and III's ready to go after the drones.

While more MK II's and III's are ready to advance, taking advantage of all the terrain.

The clamp tank is hiding in the woods.
Captain Palen started the briefing.  "Men!  Here we are in Alberta!  The father land!  To complete our sacred task to liberate the our homes from our ancient foes, the Martians!"

"Bloody hell, there he goes again." murmured Lieutenant Cleese.

"And when we are done, we will go leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The giant redwood, the larch, the fir, the mighty Scots pine. The smell of fresh-cut timber! The crash of mighty trees!  With my best girlie by my side We'd sing ... sing ... sing.  (Queue music...)

"Now, now, now, whats all this?" interrupted the Colonel.  "We'll have no music here" (Music winds down)

"I’ve noticed a tendency for these inspiring speeches to get rather silly, and we'll have none of it." he continued, "And we won't be sneaking off to a hermit sketch either."

Turn 1:
The Canadians get to move first in turn one, which didn't work out to well.  The terrain masked most of the approaches and only a few shots were squeezed off.  Total damage was on the slaver tripod, scoring just one point of damage.  But luck swung both ways as the Martians didn't score any kills either.

3 shots from the Mk II's didn't even scratch the paint off of the recon tripod.  Hidden in the woods is the MG squad, just waiting for a bit of vulnerability to unleash their 9 shots.

Only one Mk III got a shot off on turn 1, while the hull down Mk II's were mostly out of range.

The other Mk III's had their shots blocked by trees and ridge lines.
Turn 2:
The initiative turns as the Martians get to move first on turn 2!  This double move and fire was disastrous for the humans, with many tanks destroyed.  Only lucky morale dice kept the Canadians in the field.  But the action wasn't totally one sided as the humans blew up a tripod on their turn.

On the right, some shots were fired, upon the drones, but no hits scored.
On the left, 4 steam tanks are destroyed, but take an assault tripod with them.

Turn 3:
Another Mk III burns in the center, but no units have fled the field yet.
Mk II's Maneuvering through Spruce Grove, the mounties also are setting themselves up for a cable attack.

Turn 4:
The Martians continue to hold the initiative, which they put to good effect.  They finish off two tank troops, and decimated the Mounties!  Off on the hill on the right, the scorpion drones take on a rifle company and destroy it as well.  The humans are down 3 units to the Martians 1.
"Run away, run away," screamed Lieutenant Idle, as he kicked his cycle, "Sir Robin", into high gear and fled the field.

The tripods finish off the left most troop of Mk II's.
Lobototons clear the woods, while the scorpions clear the hill.
But the Mk II's score a critical hit, killing the slaver.  The drones power down like a string-less marionette.  The Mk III's in the center, frustrated by the lack of targets, find the lobototons, and destroy them to a man.

In the center, it is touch and go.  The humans score some damage, but nothing much, but then, the Martians weren't scoring either.

And in an odd note, the remaining assault tripod suffers a fire control failure and a couple of points of damage.  The machine-gunners see their chance, firing 9 shots at +1, and chip another point of damage off of the tripod.

Turn 5:
The initiative turns, and the humans get a double strike.  On the right the humans try for some easy kills piling 9 shots on the disabled drones, and only manage to pick off a single scorpion.  They paid for that as the recon tripod sweeps the formation, killing two Mk II's.

The machine-gunners get gassed by the grenadiers and are wiped out.  4 human units are gone.

The recon tripod sweeps and kills two tanks.

And is destroyed a turn later, the score is 4-3

Another recon, trying to slip away from the village is caught, and also killed.  4 dead units on both sides.

Turn 6:
The Martians gain the initiative, and kill the clamp tank.  Bringing the number of human units killed to 5, and causing an immediate army morale failure.  A very close game as there is only one fully functioning tripod left, a recon, as the assault tripod had a fire control failure.  While the humans were left with 2 Mk III's and 7 Mk II's.


  1. I really like your move by move photo's and comments.

    Good report!

  2. Thank you. I try to be detailed but succinct. I have about 30 battle reports experience with Flames of War and Warrior Ancients to draw upon to do these.