Saturday, November 1, 2014

Objective Downed Tripod

Two objectives for All Quiet on the Martian Front.
One is the "Downed Tripod" offered by Alien Dungeon, and wired with an LED that is constantly shifting colors, the other is a crashed Biplane from Wings of War.


  1. Would love to see a How-to article from you about mounting LEDs to these. I know the basics of getting a LED light going but how are you getting the fading and flickering effects?>

  2. The LED I installed was designed that way. Just add a battery and it flickered. I ordered them from 3mm size is what you are looking for. There are two concepts on mounting. One is in the helmet, which I did initially, the other off to the side and hidden in the flocking. After a game or two of removing the helmets and having them pop off, I removed the battery pack and place it in the base. The wire is very thin, and if you paint it the same color as the martian, It is not very noticeable. Besides, what is an extra couple of tentacles? I then fill the base with bush sized flocking and small rocks. You can spot the setup if you want, but it is easily ignorable.

  3. Phil, thanks so much for providing the detail on the lighting. I'm going to try this method out when my tripods arrive - the LEDs are already on the way. I really appreciate your sharing how you did it (especially the "lessons learned" - I would have tried to mount it in the helmet as well) Best, Nick

  4. Thanks, but I can't take much credit for this. I got the idea from Scott Washburn. He did the figuring out, and looked up a source for the LED's. FYI you can get the 2032 batteries for about a buck a piece.