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The Second Battle of Sheboygan

A Headless Body Production

All Quiet on the Martian Front After Action Report: The Second Battle of Sheboygan
Location: Phil's Basement
Game: All Quiet on the Martian Front
Scenario: The Second Battle of Sheboygan

Players: Stephen Turn; BEF

               Garth Parker; American Armored Forces Midwest.
               Jenny Parker; Patton's Armored Forces.
               Phil Gardocki; Marvin's Martians.

               Bruce Potter; Local Pod Martians.

The Forces: A battery of Field Guns, an Anti-Tripod Gun, 2 platoons of Mk II's and III's, a clamp tank, Patton's Mk IV, 2 Troops of Rough Riders, a Machine Gun Squad, 3 Infantry Squad, 2 Armored Infantry Squads.  Supported by the BEF with 1 Troop of Imperial Tanks, 2 Troops of Monotanks, and 3 Squads of Infantry.  About 2,300 points

A total of 14 tripods,  8 Assault, 2 Grenadier, 2 Slavers and 2 Scouts, supported by 12 Drones.  About 2400 points.  

House Rules:
The clamp tank does not count as a unit for the purposes of human demoralization.
Units brought back using American Industrial Might count as additional unitsEffectively each unit brought back raises the human demoralization level by .5They must be successfully brought onto the board for this purpose.  
The Towering Ruins are passable to human vehicles, at half speed, but remain impassable to Martian Tripods. 
Humans in Towering Ruins have their defense against heat rays and shock canisters improved as follows:
              Infantry +5/+3, Artillery +4/+2Vehicles +2/+2

Humans in Towering Ruins have their defense against green gas  and black dust improved as follows (wind tunnel effects):
              Infantry +2/+2, Artillery +2/+2Vehicles +1/+1

When in assault combat, the defenders do not get a bonus for terrain advantages for the "to hit" roll, but do get the terrain armor advantage, if any.
Macadam roads give a movement bonus to tripods.  
Dirt roads give a movement bonus to humans only.
The cost of a Tesla Gun is reduced to 175 points.
The cost of a Land Ironclad is increased to 1,500 points.
Prologue (This is long, so if you want just the battle report, scroll down about 4 pages)

“Be seated.”
Major General Frank McIntyre, DSM, took to the podium.

“Gentlemen, I have summoned you here today to bring you up to date on our current status.

“You have all been working on you separate parts of the preparations, but none of you know the whole situation.  I feel every man needs to know as much as possible of what is to come, so that when the plans go to fuck, and they will, they will be able to make decisions based on what they know, and what is the our intent.”

“As you know, the war is not going well.  Recently, most of Calgary in western Canada has fallen to the invader.  This after successfully defending that territory for a year, with low supplies, and mercurial allies. 

“The Martians pursued those forces, through the mountains, and had managed to secure Mullan pass.  Opening the way to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. “

“The Martians, with a great loss of their war machines, have breached the Mississippi line and taken St Louis.  That victory is considered pyrrhic, as an estimated 500 tripods were estimated destroyed.  But they still managed to follow that victory by sweeping the Mississippi delta.  Taking Shreveport and Baton Rouge, and only swamps and the big guns of the Navy battlewagons are keeping them from taking New Orleans.”

“Those other battles were important.  Losing them hurt, but in the end, they gain the invader much territory, but little industry. “

“That stops now.”

“4 months ago, the Martian launched their long anticipated assault here, in Sheboygan.  We had been preparing for this assault for 4 years, and in the end we repelled the invader.  Sheboygan is the lynch pin of our industrial heartland.  If Sheboygan falls, then the road opens to Waukegan, then Chicago.  That road must be kept closed.”

“The cost was high then.  The invaders gutted the industry and buildings as they attacked.  The invaders got to the coast, but were turned by by massive artillery fire at point blank range.  But destroying much of it before retreating.  They were turned back, and since then we have been rebuilding our defenses.  Those gutted buildings are going to be death traps for Tripods.  They are so used to looking down on us, it is going to be quite a surprise to look at a 25 pounder eye to eye.”

<polite laughter>

“Since then, we have damned up the Sheboygan River.  This will make the routes from the north of the city impassible.   It will also limit the most direct routes west of the city for the invader.  In short, I intend to funnel the invader into a narrow defile, and blast away at them as then come at is a few at a time.”

“We have received some reinforcements, but not enough.  England has sent the BEF with their radium powered weapons and engines and Colonel Patton here will be testing out his new tank.  I wish we had a couple of those Land Ironclads instead, but we lost 5 defending St Louis, which is why the tripod destroyed count was so high, and another was lost in Edmonton.  The rest have been deployed to go on the offensive elsewhere.”

“One advantage we have is in the air.  Those brave pilots have been tracking the Martians when they fled 4 months back, and have kept tabs on their buildup.” 

And to himself, He thought, " And suffered 50% casualties per sortie doing so."

“So from this we know their casualties, and their buildup of forces.  They won’t be coming to Sheboygan with a hundred tripods like last time, but we know this.”

“They are coming!”
The Red Martian stood before his assembled forces.  Row after row of war machines lined the field.  Off in the distance, a tree smoked from the crash of yet another of the annoying human flying machines.
क्या आपको हिन्दी टायपिंग में दिक्कत आती है आज इन्टरनेट पर अनेकों साफ्टवेयर उपलब्ध है. मैं हिन्दी में का प्रयोग करती हूं. आप भी इसे उपयोग कर सकते हैं.

मुझे इस ब्लाग पर अनेकों कमेन्ट यह जानने के लिये आते हैं कि हिन्दी में कैसे टायप करें हिन्दी में टायपिंग कैसे करें

से हिन्दी में टायपिंग करना एकदम आसान है. यदि आप टायपिंग नहीं जानते तो इसका हिन्दीपैड  ले आउट यानी ट्रांसलिट्रेशन चुनकर सीधे टायप कर सकते ह. इसमें हिन्दुस्तान लिखने के लिये आपको और कैफे हिन्दी टाईपिंग टूल इसे हिन्दी में लिखता रहेगा. आप इसके जरिये बिना रुके अच्छी खासी स्पीड से टायप कर सकते हैं.

क्या आप कृतिदेव या रेमिंग्टन हिन्दी टायपिंग के अभ्यस्त हैं
यदि आप कृतिदेव फोन्ट्स में टायपिंग करते रहे हैं तो कैफे हिन्दी टाईपिंग टूल से आप कृतिदेव टायपिंग स्टाइल चुनकर अपनी पुरानी आदत से ही टायपिंग कर सकते हैं.

इसके अलावा कैफेहिन्दी टाईपिंग टूल में इंस्क्रिप्ट और शुषा  पद्धति से भी टायपिंग कर सकते हैं.

इस सॉफ्टवेयर की कीमत को लेकर आप चिंतित नहीं हों क्योंकि यह आपके लिए बिल्कुल मुफ्त उपलब्ध है. यह विभिन्न वेबसाईटों से मुफ्त उपलब्ध है. आप इसे निम्न लिंक से भी डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं. इसका साइज सिर्फ केबी है.

फोन्ट परिवर्तक

The Board: The center of the city of Sheboygan.  Once a great industrial center, it is now in ruins after the Martian attack early in '15. 

The paved road is Taylor Drive, the flooded Sheboygan river meanders along the north edge. 
Burned out factories litter the landscape between Taylor Drive and 19th street.
Part of the rural suburbs remained untouched form the previous battle.
The remains of a crumbled tripod, the rotting corpse of its driver, is a testament of human courage and fortitude. 
General McIntyre has had 4 months to prepare the battle field for the next assault.  The towers have been excavated to allow hidden movement of his tanks.  Tunnels, trenches and hidey holes are all around the city for men to operate from.
Colonel Patton backs his tank into the remains of the Sheboygan Iron Works.  Other tanks are also well hid.  The clamp tank stands by it's exit hole ready to charge an unsuspecting tripod. 
Mk III's, their boilers up to pressure, are ready for action.
The first of the tripod figures are spotted.
It looks like two full pods of Martians.  They are crammed into a small area due to the flooded river, but will that really matter?
The color of the tripods usually indicates which hive they originated from.  The dark ones are from the local pod in Minnesota,.  The other seem to be from the Calgary Canada Hive, otherwise known as Marvin's Martians.
Turn 1:
The Martians move first.
Either by sharp eyes, or just accurate assessment as to where the humans could be hiding, the Martians advance to an invisible line, just out of range of human weapons and stop.

The American Army holds their positions, as they are well entrenched and can afford to be patient.

Turn 2:
The Martians keep the initiative and move first.
As one, three Tripods accelerate, moving faster than normally possible.  They raise their heat rays, and sweep human positions. 
Behind the fast moving tripods are the Drones and Grenadier tripods.  The scouts have already illuminated targets for Black Dust projectors. 

Heat rays slice through the forward berms.  But the BEF Infantry are well protected and only take minor casualties.

On that cue, BEF Imperial tanks drive up Taylor Drive and engage the invader. 

High velocity 2 pound shells rain around the Martian Scout Tripod, but it avoided them all.
Mk III's, under cover and standing by.  One more turn and it will be there turn to engage the invaders.
Turn 3:
The American Army takes the initiative and moves first.
Two platoons of Mk III's engage the nearest Tripods.  But their shots bounce harmlessly off the armored monstrosities. 
The US Army have thrown a might weight of shells, but as yet, not a single Tripod has been scratched, let alone destroyed.
Martians advance in their turn.
Some Tripods are slowed.  But still have targets down range.
Black dust covers an entrenched figures who are wiped out to a man.
So to, the BEF's Imperial Tanks.
Quickly, the Tripod figures follow up their victories.
The view from the vantage of the Mk III's
The view from the entrenched infantry.
Turn 4:
The American Army keeps the initiative and moves first.
BEF reinforcements arrive.  A Troop of Monotanks weave between the Martians legs and into their rear. Guns Blazing they pick on the Dark Martian with the Green Gas.  Auto loading 2 pounders throw 12 shells at the Tripod, but none manage a to damage the monster.
Undaunted the Mk III's continue to lay down a fusillade. 
In support, Medium guns from afar.

The platoon of MK III's have a good series of hits, 6 out of 9. 

Two penetrate the armor of the tripod.
Total damage, 1 hit point.
Using the excavated paths under the ruined tower of the Sheboygan Iron Works, Colonel Patten sneaks out and opens up with 4 rapid fire guns and his 5" main gun.
Four Mk II's add their 4" guns to the concentrated fire.
A dark Martian is hit.
The dark tripod shutters, there is a keening, then a flash, a hundred times as bright as the sun.  A tumultuous shock wave, made visible by bent light in its path radiated outward.   Where there was a war machine, there is naught but dust and smoke.
In their turn, the Martians adjust their lines.  Destroying a platoon of Mk II's by the coaling station.  Another Tripod released his green gas, melting a newly found Machine Gun nest.
More entrenched BEF are revealed. 
Mk II"s in flaming ruin.
Drones raise their light heat ray projectors against the Troop of Monotanks.
And managed to burn them all down.

Ignoring all threats, a Black Dust Projecting Martian steps into the center of the line.  Infantry to the right, Rough Riders to the left, and in front 6 Mk III's, with Guns in the distance.
Marvin has seen this all before, and is content to use drones for his skirmishers.
More machine gunners are revealed.  They hold their position, but their shots are bows and arrows against the lightning.
May be they continue because they have a visual on what is possible.

The view from the Martian rear.
Brave men assault a tripod from ambush.  Attacking with guts and grenades, they bring it down.
Patton's tank plays hide and seek in the ruins.
A tripod gets around the coaling station hunting the overlarge human tank.
The Tripod sweeps his heat ray, and only plows dirt.  9 guns reply, only causing minor damage.
Drones inundate the woods, taking down and dismembering the brave men that took down the Tripod.
From the vantage point of a raised bridge, a Scout Tripod illuminates the Artillery in the distance.  Shock canisters are soon to follow.
The Dark Pod Martians decide to allow no enemy behind them, and wipe out the Machine Gunners.
They too, have a visual on what is possible.
The view from the American side of the board.
And the other half of the table.

At this point we took a break for the evening.  For a recap, the entire BEF has been destroyed for 5 units, and a unit of MK II's, and 3 infantry.  This against two tripods downed. This is not a good for the Americans.  The Americans are 8 towards their break point of 12.
Turn 6:
The Americans have +2 for the initiative die roll and rolls a 5 to the Martian 10, so the initiative belongs to the Martians.

Drones attack on the Rough Riders. 
Surrounded, the Rough Riders maneuver their bikes like whirling dervishes.  The lag caused by remote control have a difficult time dealing with it.  So what looked like a slaughter, was simply difficult times.
The heat ray destroys a Mk III.  The fail their morale and flee.
Under cover are 3 more Mk III's.
A boy and his dog, Marvin and K-9
Shock drones finish of the last of the BEF.  The Human demoralization level is now 10
Martians burn the recently arrived Mk II's
They seem to be from Canada, eh?
The downed Tripods Driver seems to have escaped.
Counter battery fire destroyed one gun, but a command point kept them in line.
Marvin is assessing his mortality, and realizes he is now in front of the line.  Just as he decides to back up, one of his legs becomes trapped.  A clamp tank, hidden in the ruins, races out.  Its crew, bails out and runs into a near by hidey hole.  Where they shut a reinforced steel door behind them before the nearby drones can react.
O deary, deary me.  What shall I do? 
This was a moment the American army was waiting for.  Marvin is immobilized, two other Tripods are about to be tow cabled.  Shot after shot rang out, the Anti Tripod gun, 2 Artillery, 9 shots from tanks, none managed to even scrape the red paint off of Marvin's hide.

The Martian in the north routs it's Mk III's then approaches within 3 inches, and they are destroyed.  He is then attacked by Rough Riders.  But the cabling was faulty, and he remains untangled.

Unlike his mate to the south.  Who received two immobilization markers from his Rough Rider attack.
Patton and the remaining Mk II's shoot at the immobile Tripod.
Round after round hit then bounce.
Then one hit scores an 8, re-roll for number of hits.  And that is a 9.  The Tripod has 10 hits, needing only a BB gun to kill it.  Somewhere a rifle shot rang out, scoring the bare minimum to hit of 4 and and followed up with a damage roll of 2.  With that, the Tripod crumpled into ruin.
Turn 7:
The Martians have the initiative and move first.

Drones are brought up, and assault human infantry.  One is killed, the other routs.  The Humans demoralization level is 11!
The Humans are only one away from demoralization, and Martians decide it will be Patton.  Every major weapon fires into the Sheboygan Iron Works.  Heavy heat rays, Grenadier drones, Shock Bombardments.  Finally, in desperation, the question was raised, "Does the Slaver have a heat ray?"    "Of course it does."  Books open to confirm.  We need a 5 to hit and a 9 to kill.  And that is how the dice rolled.  A cascade of sparks and smoke emanate from the broken building.  followed by a mighty ululation from the surviving Tripods. 
Sheboygan, belongs, to the Martians!

K9, using his heat ray like a welding torch, separates Marvin from his clamp.


Following his crew, Colonel Patton slid out of the emergency escape hatch of his tank. Using the stub of his cigar, he lit the fuse of the box of fireworks and smoke bombs mounted under the hull of his Mk IV.  Looking up, he noted the 4 inch deep gash from the heat ray that took out his boiler controls.  "Well, that will buff out." he thought.

Like his men before him, he crawled on his belly to a hole that lead to the excavated basement deep in the ruin.  Once inside, he shut the 3 inch steel door to keep random drones out.  Then he straightened his shirt and tie and and saluted Major General Frank McIntyre, who stood patiently waiting for his situation report.  "General, I think we have had enough, lets call it in."

"How bad was it George", asked the General?

"About 50%, General.  With the BEF taking the brunt of it."

General McIntyre visibly blanched at the news.

"You know what that means, don't you General?", offered Patton.

Major General McIntyre shook his head sadly, "Yes, George, it means we win."

"Damn right it means we win.  They don't have the numbers, sir!"

Major General Frank McIntyre turned to the men awaiting his orders, "All right, call it in", he ordered.

The men snapped into action.  Five bent over their telegraph sets and started tapping out Morse Code with a practiced ease from transcribed copies of orders on their desks.  Two others operated buttons on control boxes.  Off in the distance electric motors could be heard spinning up.

Along the side of the ruin of the Sheboygan Iron Works, flags snapped into position and raised up the side of the towering structure.

The twelve foot squares that could be seen for miles.  A Tripod took a snap shot at one, freeing the line and sending the flags aloft like a kite.  But it was too late, they were already observed by expectant eyes.

Within in a minute the American army was in total rout.  Vehicles caught fire and were abandoned, smoke dotted the landscape as soldiers fled for their lives.

The Martian slobbered in pleasure.  This is the best part.  Time to harvest fresh blood.  It charged forward, but more and more it was just smoke, and not humans he was finding.  He lowered the Tripod to till the carapace was just off the ground, reaper tentacles searching and probing and finding nothing.  It probed an overturned vehicle, that emanated smoke and sparks in a beguiling way.

The Tripods perambulated down the thoroughfares. One observed a large symbol painted white on the black material of the road, and recognized it as the human number 5.  Another observed a human flying machine, flying much to high to hit.

"They're past 19th Street general!"  announced one of the radiomen.

General McIntyre nodded in acknowledgement and stared at the map on the wall.

"Status of New York and Agincourt", he inquired?

Two radio operators started tapping their telegraphs then waited for the reply.

"15th Street general!"

"New York is in position and is ready", reported one.

"Agincourt reports all is in readiness", reported the another.

"Very well, now we wait."

Now that K9 had cut him free from that annoying tank, Marvin joined the pursuit.  The black material that the humans made their road from made his transit much faster than normal, and he thrilled in the chase.  He could see his pod mates slowing down, and noted the human number 4 painted on the road.  Drones crawled over the debris, one was attempting to cut open a steel door it found buried in the ground, but otherwise, spotting nothing of interest. The ululation from the tripods spoke of frustration.  "Where are the humans?"  Other than desiccated, burned or poisoned bodies, there were no fresh captives.  "WHERE ARE THEY?"

Marvin almost caught up to them, when he saw the human number 3 on the road surface.  A thought occurred, as he looked up and also noted the human flying machine.  The machine was producing green smoke.  Probably trying to protect itself from the heat ray.  A wasted gesture, even at this range the heat ray could flash it like a weed if it hit, but at that range, it was a very low percentage shot.

Marvin slowed, and noted the smoke emanating from the flying machine was now red.  He then looked down at the large number 2 on the ground.  He turned around and started heading the way he came.  K-9 caught up with him, then turned to follow.  Marvin had to couch his warning cry carefully.  Fear was not tolerated, so "Run Away" was not acceptable.  Perhaps an advisory tone to observe for unexpected problems?

The ground shook, as behind Marvin, the first salvo of from the 14" guns from the USS New York, and 12" guns of the HMS Agincourt straddled the tall metal pole emplaced in the ground with the huge number 1 on it. Around it, a full dozen tripods wailed in confusion and terror.

"Oh well", Marvin thought, "Problem solved."

Two miles away, with dust kicking up with every salvo.  Colonel Patton pulled a pair of cigars out of his humidor.  Reverently he closed the lid, and offered one to his commander.  Lighting them both, he murmured to himself, "This is how you win a war, by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his planet."

He chuckled to himself, "I am going to have to write that one down."

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